Welcome to Pikkarala Frisbeegolf´s disc golf venue

Figure: Pro/Ama course, hole #10

You are welcome to enjoy your disc golf at Pikkarala Frisbeegolf courses. The courses at Pikkarala Frisbeegolf are known as a safe disc golf area with plenty of options for all skill levels and no long queues. The area is dedicated for disc golf activities only.

The courses have been built and managed by the members of private Pikkarala Frisbeegolf company. Disc golfers at Pikkarala are required to pay a small fee for their use of the area. The area consist of three pay-to-play courses and all users must buy either a day ticket or an annual card in order to enjoy disc golf at Pikkarala. More information on buying tickets: link.

If you are interested in Pikkarala´s disc golf activities, please contact Pikkarala Frisbeegolf: link to contact